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Brain Rules - Understanding your brain will give you a better understanding of best practices for learning, understanding and retention.

Design for How People Learn - My favorite book on instructional design and a must read. I am a huge fan of Julie Dirksen.

The 17 Best Books on Instructional Design: Classics and Hidden Gems


Building a great remote hiring and onboarding process for engineers
We help engineering leaders develop soft skills and build better teams through mentorship.

Examples to Follow

Can you create a list of all your developer tools and explain what they do in 4 words or less?
Back by popular demand: Google Cloud products in 4 words or less (2021 edition)
If you are just getting started, the 4 words or less developer’s cheat sheet is a great resource that gives you a quick overview of all that is available to you on Google Cloud.
Do you have notifications for your training?  Use this tip on how you can ad motivations to your notifications to increase attendance.
"Another Engineer could use your spot in the workshop"
Dan Ariely Helped a HMO Cut Their Doctor’s Appointment No-Show Rate in Half
The Irrational Truths Behind User Behavior, with Dan Ariely & Gigi Levy-Weiss
A big part of developer education is to increase the velocity of engineers so they can immediately begin providing value to the company. This article is a fantastic way to measure developer productivity by identifying blockers.
OKAY | Engineering productivity can be measured - just not how you’d expect
Build high-performing teams by getting real-time insights on how to deliver projects faster, improve quality, and reduce meeting load


A list of engineering manager resource links. Contribute to ryanburgess/engineer-manager development by creating an account on GitHub.



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