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Implementation Checklist

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Implementation is the workshop itself and how the workshop content is presented.






1. Ideal Location & Setup

The organizer’s remote location is well-lit without significant noise or distractions, and audio is clear.

2. Engaging Start

The organizer had an engaging start, perhaps an opening slide, music, welcomed participants, engaged in an ice-breaking activity.

3. Slides Shared

The organizer shared their slides before or provided slides after the workshop for reference.

4. Etiquette Shared

The organizer expressed the expected etiquette for the workshop and pasted it into the chat.

5. Introductions & Icebreakers

The organizer provided an opportunity for participants to introduce themselves either through video or chat.

6. Confidence

The participants had confidence in the subject-matter-expert and the presenter exuded confidence.

7. Comfort & Safety

The participants felt psychological safety throughout the workshop and were not afraid to engage.

8. Sparks Joy

The participants felt the workshop was enjoyable and are looking forward to attending future workshops by this presenter.

9. Not Reading Slides

The organizer did not read off the slides and instead uses them as a visual for deeper verbal explanations.

10. Good Pace

Did the workshop move at a reasonable pace?

11. Question Opportunities

The organizer provided ample time for questions.

12. Audience Engagement

The organizer created opportunities for the participants to engage in the content.

13. TA Recommended

The organizer may benefit from having a teaching assistant to help moderate the chat, take notes, or keep time.

14. Breakout Rooms Effective

If utilized, the breakout rooms were effective and contributed to the learning goal.

15. Awkward Silences

Filled the void of awkward silences as-needed.

16. Effective Activity Moderation

The organizer was able to keep participants organized and on schedule throughout interactive tasks.

17. Good Wrap Up

The workshop had a clear ending and ended with a reflection exercise such as asking for the biggest workshop takeaway via chat.

18. Remote-friendly

The workshop was recorded and easily accessible for on-demand viewing. Asynchronous participation in activities was made possible via google docs, slack, or other means.


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