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Development Checklist

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1. Attention-Grabbing

The workshop gains the attention of the participants with stimuli that catch and engage their brains.

2. Stated Objectives

Workshop informed participants of the purpose, goal, and why the facilitator is the best person to teach them.

3. Company Applicable

The workshop utilizes associations from existing knowledge and real-world problems.

4. Chunks

The workshop content was presented in easily consumable chunks that can be easily referenced as-needed.

5. Examples

The workshop provides examples of applying knowledge and learning from mistakes.

6. Assessment

The workshop provides an opportunity for participants to test understanding, commonly done through questions or polls.

7. Well-Organized (Fluid)

The workshop content flows and transitions well between topics.


ReactionThe degree to which participants find the training favorable, engaging and relevant to...

Evaluation Checklist

Evaluation should occur throughout the process allowing you to refine your training based...


Ideal Location & SetupEnsure your location is well-lit without significant noise or distractions,...

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