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Design Checklist

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Design is creating the text outline of your content, planning out potential visuals and getting feedback.






1. Workshop Outline

Workshop outline completed with headers and bullets

2. Content Chunked

Content has been organized into bite-sized chunks that gradually builds or flows well.

3. Concise Content

The organizer has identified the minimal amount a participant needs to know to accomplish the workshop goal.

4. Feedback Received

The organizer has shared and received feedback on the outline from stakeholders and potential participants.

5. Limit Text

The organizer has limited the amount of text necessary to express a concept on slides.

6. Identified Potential Visuals

The organizer has identified areas within the outline that can be visualized.

7. Keep it Simple

The organizer has made an effort to simplify complex concepts and reduce knowledge assumptions.

8. Technology Adoption

The training is about adoption of technology and addresses top adoption resistance questions.


ReactionThe degree to which participants find the training favorable, engaging and relevant to...

Evaluation Checklist

Evaluation should occur throughout the process allowing you to refine your training based...


Ideal Location & SetupEnsure your location is well-lit without significant noise or distractions,...

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