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Analysis Checklist

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Analysis is the planning phase to ensure you have realistic goals and expectations






1. Workshop Value & Impact

The workshop effort is the most effective means of resolving the issue and worthy of the effort.

2. Learning Objective Defined

The organizer has clearly defined the workshop goals and learning outcomes for participants.

3. Workshop Success Validation

The organizer has identified ways to measure the impact of the workshop at the company.

4. Aligns with Company Need

The workshop aligns with company’s business objectives and strategy. Stakeholders are informed and aligned.

5. Audience Identified

The organizer has clearly identified the target market for the workshop.

6. Proven Audience Interest

The target market is interested in the workshop and has been surveyed for feedback on workshop content.

7. Audience Skill Level

The organizer has considered the audience skill-level, has generated a list of prerequisites and resources.

8. Audience Biases Considered

The organizer identified any misconceptions around the workshop topic and has plans to address any biases.

9. Workshop is a Training

Teaching is a step beyond presenting and includes proving understanding by your participants.

10. Realistic Timeline

The organizer has a realistic timeline and can allocate the resources necessary to meet their milestones.

11. Public Speaking Confidence

If the organizer is not confident in public speaking we will happily work with them on skill development.


ReactionThe degree to which participants find the training favorable, engaging and relevant to...

Evaluation Checklist

Evaluation should occur throughout the process allowing you to refine your training based...


Ideal Location & SetupEnsure your location is well-lit without significant noise or distractions,...

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